Why You Work For Other People’s Dreams

Mike Wayne
4 min readJul 25, 2021


Thoughts are fashion, cultured in time.

The importance of this idea is the defining nature of thoughts to experience. Life is filtered through mental programs. A steady mind may use one main program. A schizophrenic mind may use them all. The mind is continuously open to new programming. Some of these are edits and tweaks to the mental code. Some rewrite the entire experience.

In the process of socialization, humans embody the programs of their specific society. This creates a sense of doing well and doing right. A sense of purpose, of, at least, fitting in.

As time progresses and culture grows, the socialization programs always change. They shift this way and that. Caught in the sands of time, humans do their best to adapt, which becomes more and more difficult as the physical situation grows to match the culture. Culture is much more fluid than the infrastructures of the world. The result is a culture out of place and people out of time. The old stagnate their mental programming and no longer stay in culture at the same time the young inherit the physical place built through the culture of the past. This discord becomes overwhelming as the speed of culture increases.

No longer is it important to be built to last. Society is ready to be built to change. This starts with changing the very idea of stability.

There is the calm of sitting in a meditative posture, at rest for hours — steady in place and stable. Then there is the rush of riding a surfboard on a great wave — dynamic and changing place, but also stable. Neither is wholly uncomfortable for the person in their own place, one in constant physical repose and the other in constant motion. The shifting between the two presents discord in reality, as the physical world is neither the steady mountain top nor the fluid wave.

Human culture itself remaps the world, bringing this there and that here. Cutting, breaking, bending, shaping, all matter at all scales into something other. The constant remaking is cultured in — it comes with society.

It may be from a sense of self, or individual. It could be as naïve as capitalism & the insidious effects of valuing money as the major means to life. It could be from making time paramount and attempting to gain more comfort or more efficiency in time through physical means. This is all understandable as much as it is insane.

Even insanity is culture and shifts in all the same ways.

The narratives of the times define experience — this is programming: The filtering of experience through the lens of the mind. What becomes important is how this crafts life itself.

Consciousness has the ability to manifest in the physical world whatever it desires. Sometimes this takes generations over centuries and millennia, leftover programming, torches and movements picked up and continued. The collective of consciousness is the physical world. They cannot be separated. There is no consciousness unprogrammed. There is no physical change unmanifested. In many senses, humans are what they think and they think where they are. They have what they manifest in all regards. But these understandings are not the focus of education and socialization.

Education focuses typically on the programs of the old instilled in the young and inexperienced. This is the continuation of culture. This is the illusion of freedom within constraints: The values handed down across generations, given without being asked for. This is raising the young. This is dominating culture with narrative. What then to do with the brilliance of consciousness, always grown in the medium of current time? How then to allow the fulfillment of the individual inside the collective, inside the freedom to choose from this or that?

More important is how to act completely in tune with the self and still “fit” — or feel comfortable — in the stability of a fluid society. How to enlist the help of others to manifest individual dreams and desires. This is the role of the collective, the finding of “your tribe” — a group or another that shares in your vision and is willing to work with you to actualize something physically. This is growing a new culture in time.

Otherwise it is all exploitation through the use of fear to create something else with the simple hope of everything being ok — stable.

This is the fear that keeps humans working at anything other than their joy. The fear that keeps you working for someone else on something else and leaving the fulfillment of consciousness for some other time. This is the brutalization of the present for the imagination of the future. This is your life ending one minute at a time while you dream of it all being anything other then it is.

Find the ways to rewrite your own program with those who are writing the same story and there may be hope for fulfilment and something like stability in time and comfort in space. If you don’t want to work for your own dreams, there are plenty of people who are more than willing to accept your help working for theirs.



Mike Wayne

Harvard educated, New York based revolutionary Mike Wayne continues to sow seeds within the field of necessary illusions. Go to: https://diaryofananarchist.com