The Cosmic Joke of the Individual

You do not exist in a vacuum. Consciousness knows itself only through relationship. The universe is a space to explore yourself in relation to others.

Mike Wayne
3 min readAug 7, 2021
35mm film photograph of Judah exploring the space of relationship in Queen Anne Seattle, Washington USA circa 2015.

There is a space of understanding outside of conscious time and it knows innately how to act. Guidance comes from exploring this space together. Paying attention to your relationships allows access to a calm knowing of your part in everything.

A space with true love for life as is.

A space with true love of self.

The individualization of humanity is a cosmic joke. Consciousness is not a singular event. It is not a singular, private space. Programs are not worked in solitude. The reckoning is the rest of humanity. Coming together means more than finding yourself. One is only found in relation to the space it is in. There are no markers in a vacuum, no signs or guideposts. Self-discovery plays out in time & space, these themselves the illusions of consciousness.

A thinking linked to a series of imperfect sensations, easily fooled, misdirected & co-opted for myriad other purposes: Consciousness is use and programmed to fear uselessness above all else.

The desire to be witnessed by others, seen, this guides life.

The hunt for reflections, the universe as a mirror, this can lead to growth of a person — the writing of your story. The second story, the one on top of the person, the one with lessons for the world, for humanity, this comes through process. Maybe it can come only with attention. More likely it comes simply from relationship: The coming together with others to understand more closely the fabric of the universe. The space to explore literally what we are made of, the material of consciousness. The forms of life — the changes of energy — pale when compared to the growth of consciousness. The development or unfolding of knowing. The collection of experience meshed into the programming of mind.

Acceptance wasn’t necessary—exposure brought internalization. (The mind’s preprogrammed cognitive biases clearly have their own role in how to internalize experience and each runs counter to rational thought.)

Expressing mind for other is a space of exploration of thought, influence of narrative — at once for both the narrator and the narrated. People generally do not know what to think; you have to tell them. You have to be told. Each person looks to the externals for a guide toward the experiences of other consciousness for reference.

Life is grown in culture.

Experience is always in reference to society.

Life takes place in space and time.

The individual is the greatest trick in the magic act of consciousness. It is only through the space of relationship that we come to know ourselves. It is here, with others, we find our own peace and content. It is here, in the vast open space of relationship, we come to know who we really are.



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