There is nothing romantic about living through a natural disaster and being stranded in the mountains for weeks, except maybe being shook free.

35mm film photograph of the Four Winds trekkers on their way to Gokyo Ri, Nepal circa 2015.

Only time would teach: When you’re writing your own story, sometimes you had to kill off the main character to survive.

35mm film photograph of a pair of empty chairs outside a shop in Interbay Seattle, WA USA circa 2015.

To instill the life of work in future generations, to keep the halls of society full and familiar, and to offer some wise narration for how to do it all better, this is the work of life. Though, without care, your work helps craft a hollow vision of a future you won’t ever get to live in.

35mm film photograph of a gate leading to the Garden of Dreams in Kathmandu, Nepal circa 2015.

35mm film photograph of pack mules in the Khumbu Valley, Nepal circa 2015.

You do not exist in a vacuum. Consciousness knows itself only through relationship. The universe is a space to explore yourself in relation to others.

35mm film photograph of Judah exploring the space of relationship in Queen Anne Seattle, Washington USA circa 2015.

Mike Wayne

Harvard educated, New York based revolutionary Mike Wayne continues to sow seeds within the field of necessary illusions. Go to:

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